Where Can I Get Free Online Piano Sheet Music For KT Tunstall's Through The Dark? I Just Want The Accompaniment, And I'll Download If Necessary. Anyone Got Any Ideas?


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There are many websites advertising free sheet music for KT Tunstall, just search online and take your pick.

Here is one to start you off - www.sheetzbox.net
www.musicroom.com is another website that has sheet music for KT Tunstall's 'Through the Dark' for piano accompaniment, but I am afraid it's not free. This is a UK website and the price is £14.95 but you do get the whole album 'Eye to the Telescope', which does feature the song you want.

Here are their contact details:

• Website: www.musicroom.com • Phone number: +44 (0)1284 725 725
• Email address: [email protected]
It may be worth giving them a call or drop them an email to see if they will deliver outside the UK.

Another possibility would be perhaps to try eBay, again I'm afraid this won't be free of charge either but with eBay you can be quite lucky at times and pick up a real bargain. However like before, just be aware of the postage cost, as some will bump the postage up if they're posting overseas.

One final idea is that you could try looking on KT Tunstall's official website - there may be a way of contacting other fans and seeing if they can help at all.

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