What Are Famous Things In Bangalore?


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Bangalore is the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka, it also has the nickname of the Garden City.  This is due to the amount of beautiful gardens that are present in the city.  Bangalore is India's most populous city.  Bangalore is a large city and has many highly recognized research institutions and colleges. It is also the home to many public sector industries and software companies. 

The main attractions for the tourist visiting Bangalore are:

  • Vidham Soudha - This building is one of the most impressive in Bangalore.  It houses the Legislative Chambers of the State Government.  It has over 300 rooms which in turn accommodate 22 departments of the state government. It is nearly 46 m high which makes it look very imposing in the city.  The building was built in 1956 and was a tribute to Indian temple architecture.
  • Lal Bagh - This is a tropical garden located in the city.  Its translation into English means The Red Garden. It hosts a very famous glass house which hosts a yearly flower show.  The garden also hosts a lake and an aquarium.  It is classed as one of the major tourist attractions of the city.
  • Tupu's Palaxe - This palace is constructed of wood and was originally used as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. The palace has 5 very intricate sculptured arches. The walls and ceilings were originally covered in fine paintings, however, although they can still be seen they have faded with time.
  • Iskon Temple - This temple is one of the most splendid in Bangalore.  It is a mix of traditional and modern south indian temple architecture.  It houses a multi-vision cinema theater.  You are also able to stay at the temple if you are attending any of the short courses that are offered as well as some bramacharis and devotees.
  • Shiva Statue - This statue is 65 ft tall and depicts Lord Shiva who is sat in a Lotus position.  This is the largest of all the shiva statues in India. It looks amazing in an evening with the lights shining upon it.

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