What Famous Residents Are There In Purley?


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Famous residents include:

Rock star Frances Rossi of Status Quo. He lives in Purley.

June Brown (Dot Cotton in 'Eastenders'), lives in Purley.

Ex-Eastenders star Nigel Harman (he played Dennis Rickman). He was born in Purley and grew up there.

Derren Brown, an illusionist. He was born in Purley and attended Whitgift School, which is in nearby Croydon.

Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's former press secretary. He lives in Purley.

As well as having famous residents, Purley has also been featured in various television programs, such as 'Terry and June'. This sitcom was set on the cusp of Purley and Wallington. A scene in the opening credits featured Terry and June dancing around the Whitgift centre, a local shopping centre and now unrecognisable. Purley was also featured in the television series 'Footballer's Wives'.

Purley was made famous thanks to a sketch by Monty Python (the 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more sketch).

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