How Do I Become Famous At 11?


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Aishwarya Ravi answered
recognise your talent and aim at it with your wish and mix your hard work... And that is the secret of success
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Arthur Wright answered
Youre going to have to do something pretty unusual thats never been done before by anyone to become famous so figure out what your best ability is and then go for it and praying a lot doesnt hurt either
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Sing evry where at church, skool, home ,streets I'm mean every were nd wen people tel you you can't sing nd you no you can don't say nun because its gone come bac on dem or day not gone b what day want 2 b or it going to b hard on dem 2 b dem dreams so just do da can, will, am
I can become a singer
I will become a singer
I am going to become a singer
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Maxine Chan answered
Well if you are great at singing,go on youtube and start singing covers and originals and you may end up like Christina Grimmie who got signed to a recording contract. She is on tour right now during this summer so you will never know until you try. If you are good at dancing, join America's Best Dance Crew or So you think you can dance. If you are a good actor, go to audiions. If you are great at making funny videos like Fred than you can become famous like when he got to costar in ICarly. Good Luck!
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A lot of internet publicity
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Follow your dream, it's simple. Make a YouTube channel and upload covers of popular songs. Sing at every chance, enter talent shows, join the school choir, perform during lunch break at school. Keep going kiddo. It's what I did.

Ariana Grande XO

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I'd ask your mom or dad first once you get more into singing ask them if you could go to a recording studio thats what I'm going to do.
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By acting at home. Find a group at school to hang around. Make people jealous. Sign up for auditions and talent your very best to reach your dreams!
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Natalie Jean answered
Try to find where your strengths lie. Are you a good singer, volunteer, musician, actress, artist?
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Janey answered
Try posting a video up on Youtube or Dailymotion like Justin Bieber did and promote it via a blog or social networking site like FB.

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