How Do I Become A Singer, Actor Or Model Under The Age Of 11 Because Im 9 And Will Be 10 On 14 Of September?


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Usually singing lessons for a singer, acting lessons for an actor and modeling lessons for a model,
then have your parents help you get an agent to help you get jobs in those areas that you took your lessons in.
This can become very costly, but if you was to wait , in jr high school they have drama classes for acting. Home economics actually shows you how to model the clothes you make, and music classes help you with not only an musical instrument to play but singing lessons also. This can be a little cheaper on the finances for your parents then once you take these classes speak with your school counselor to see if she can help you with some work for school credit . Some of it might even be volunteer work but it will help with your career choices. This will and can be a long process to what you want but it doesnt happen overnight and you must really , really want it ..( it will be a lot of hard work and dedication required on your part)

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