Where Could I Find A List Of The Movies That Need Actors,dancers,or Singers For Disney Channel?


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To find the available positions Disney are currently wishing to fill you should visit the following website and view the audition calendar: If you find a role you would like to audition for, just click the link for that audition, and you can view the requirements, time and location you need to attend.

If you are successful in gaining an interview or audition for a role you may wish to take on board the following tips. Firstly, arrive early to find the location and fill out all the paperwork .You should aim to arrive 15-20 minutes before the audition time. After you process your paperwork you will be invited to join the casting director, and his staff in a closed audition. A closed audition means that only the actor is permitted inside, and friends, family must remain outside. In the audition room you will be given instructions and will join other cast members.

Make sure you’re prepared with some material for your performance. If you’re a singer, have a few songs and sheet music with you. If you’re an actor then have a few roles you can perform at a moment's notice. Don't make the mistake of just showing up to an audition without first preparing for it. Some think they are the undiscovered star of the century, and all they need to do is step in the door to get picked for the lead role.

A few key steps to help you prepare for your audition are as follows:

1. Have a professional acting or musical coach take a good look at your performance and offer some suggestions to perfect your skills.

2. Try memorising a few paragraphs in a novel or select a part in a script and act it out from memory. This exercise will help train your mind to quickly act out a part at a moment's notice.

3. Make sure you have professional headshots and a well-organised portfolio.

4. Have professionals lined up to handle all your legal contracts in the event you get selected for a part.
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Your probably not going to find a place because they only hire people with very good skills. I've tried to get an audition.
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Look up on Google, All you have to do is fill in the registration and it will get you to were you need to go. That has all the movie and if you click on the movie you would like to be in it will give you the phone number when to come and other important information.
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Miley Cyrus (Ended in 2011, Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana Forever)
Debby Ryan (Starring in a new show, Jessie)
Brenda Song (Ended in 2012, Suite Life On Deck)
Cody & Zack *don't know real names) (End in 2012, Suite Life On Deck)
Debby Ryan (End in 2012, Suite life on deck)
Ashley Tisdale (Movie, Made in 2012, Sharpary Fabulous Adventure)
Ashley Tisdale (Ended 2009 or 2008, Suite Life Of Zack & Cody)
Bea, Milo and Oscar (Characters in Fish Hooks, 2011)
TEENAGERS! (Expect From Bea, Milo and Oscar!)
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There may be some useful information on this site - I don't think you can easily get a list of movies, but there are contact addresses here, details of at least one upcoming production, and ideas for getting work with the Disney Channel.

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