Which Famous People Are Called Sharon?


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On top of the list is Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon. The present day war in Israeli has been labelled as 'Sharon's War'.

Then there is the 48 years old Basic Instinct 2' star Sharon Stone who was in the news recently as she won a law suit against a leading British tabloid Daily Mail, for publishing false news about her, accusing her of child neglect. The news stated that Stone kept her son Roan aged 5 locked and asleep in the car, while she relished a two-hour dinner in a hotel.
The money received in the law suit would be donated for charity work. Sharon is still popular with camera and audiences.

Sharon Osbourne wife of Ozzy Osbourne is another famous personality so named; she was in the news recently because of her eating disorder problem bulimia which has plagued her for the last 35 years; it is for the first time she has confessed about it in public.

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