What Are Some Famous People's Phone Numbers?


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To find out the phone number of anyone without their consent is against most privacy laws. You can look in directories for the land line phone number for a house but as many people have requested that they are removed from these lists, it can be hard to track down the phone number of someone that you may be looking for whether they are a celebrity or not.

Although celebrities do put themselves in the public eye, they do have a right to their own privacy like any other individual in free society does.

If you can come across the phone number of a celebrity that you are specifically looking for then that is great but most ways of obtaining these numbers could get you into a lot of trouble with the law if you are found out as having tracked the number down and then contacted the celebrity inappropriately.

If you are looking or the phone number of a celebrity that you know or have known in the past, and want to get back in touch. Try the following methods to make contact. Once you are in contact, it is up to them to let you know their number if they want you to have it.

How to get celebrity cell phone numbers;

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Email.
  • Though a get in touch section on their website.
If you wish to get in touch with them for other reasons such as fundraising or asking them to work alongside you on a project, the best thing to do is contact their PR or publicist. They will have the best idea of availability and what the celebrity would like to help with. You will be able to find their details by searching on the celebrities website.
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This is One Direction's fan number for Australia, not lying, if you don't believe me, try calling.

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Katy perry fan club # = (805) 7542138 and it is true
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Katy perry's fan # is 805-754-2138 try it !!!!!! ;)
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Justin biebers fan number is 1404-665-3410 trust me I called it actually works
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Thats realy his i called it befor hes not lieing i got to talk to him and he said yo yo justin in the house it was cool but then i hung up becouse i was realy scared hes not lieing iam going to beleve this guy now i love talking to him hes sooooooooooo cute
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Jonas brothers,1-818-748-8887,
corbin blue,818-641-1600,
chris brown,804-201-9377,
jesse McCartney,1-310-220-0609,
Ashley Tisdale,1-818-836-8040,
raven symone,323-271-4786,
cheetah girls,310-220-0614,
miley's cell,1-615-275-9045,
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No word of a lie this is the womans number who had an affair with john terry wayne bridges ex girlfriend 07766726492

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