What's Famous People Cell Phone Numbers?


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The cell numbers of famous people are very closely guarded secrets, known only to a very few close friends. There are two good reasons for that; security and stalkers.
Celebrities will often have more than one cell phone, a public or business number and also a personal number known only to trusted friends.
No famous person wants their cell number to become public property; as soon as a number enters the public domain it would make the phone virtually useless, with all sorts of people wishing to call and text.
If you want to connect with someone famous, you are likely to have to deal with their agents who screen all contacts to ensure the privacy of their 'star'. Agents will deal with general inquiries and try to be as helpful as possible but it is very unlikely that they will give out a cell number for someone they are working for; if they did, they may find themselves sacked for doing it.
Celebrities are keen to connect and communicate with their fans and the public but draw the line at giving out their cell phone numbers. These people need to have a private life and some privacy, with a widely known cell number, they can be disturbed at any time of the day or night.
With modern technology it's possible to track where someone is by tracing their cell number. Most celebrities will have experienced some degree of unease with stalkers and don't want their cell number falling into the wrong hands.
While most fans and admirers will be respectful of people's privacy, there are always some people who won't take no for an answer and who are hard to deal with. Ensuring that these sort of people are kept at arms length is all important.
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