Why Do People Want To Be Famous?


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The urge and the thirst to be appreciated by other people have existed in the nature of a human since it took birth. People are literally thirsty for admiration. They desire that they are noticed by each and every person.

Mrs. Brown, the reason why people wish to be famous is that they want attention… they are craving for attention. They want that people should give them importance and should show them utter respect and honor wherever they are headed to. The root cause for this might be, that in childhood, they would have been deprived of love and care that a child needs. They might have undergone various family tribulations such as divorces.

In reality these people lack self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of security. You must have noticed that only those people yearn for attention that are insecure. If anyone appreciates their outfit or their sense of humor, they feel that they are on the top of the world. In short, only those people want attention who have never received it. Only those very people covet to be famous and well-known who are not at all recognized by people or their presence is not noticed by a single person. I hope that this answer might have explained you to some extent the reason why people long to be popular.
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My personal opinion is because as a society, we have become very "look at me" oriented. So many people have this need to be noticed. And the internet fuels that desire because it is much easier to get on the internet than it is on TV, thanks to YouTube and things of that nature. Myself, I kind of like being anonymous. But many people nowadays feel the need to be noticed, so they make themselves available to be noticed, by any means necessary.
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To be rich and to be looked at :)
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In my opinion there is three resion behind this
a.They don't want but become
I think some time what happen we do some work for our own purpuse but It become a good work in the eyes of peple
b. Some one realy have quality and he want to so that
Why I included it because be all human being can't bear the success of our enemy, friend and some other Intimate.
When some body get Success it hurt our Ego and we start to be more famouse than that persion..
...Balveer meena

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