Do You Think Famous People Are Happier Than Ordinary People? Why


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No! One can be very famous but not happy at all..and an ordinary person can be happier than a famous one. This is a life condition and this depends upon the circumstances to which a person is exposed. Being happy is not found in wealth or in fame but in being contented with what you have and what you are...and most of all you radiate that happiness to other beings too.
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John answered
In some ways they mite be but in their lives they still want the same things everyone else wants,peace,stability,family/kids and money can not always provide these.
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No not really, i think they have there up's and down's in life as well.
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I think in some ways no. Living under the camera & the gossip can not be easy.
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I know many famous people, and believe me, if they were truly happier than the average person, there would be no suicides among them, right?
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Mark Brookshire
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Nicely said...But let me try to be rich and famous...HaHaHa...Money, fame, success, I don't see how this makes a person unhappy enough to kill themself's...But it happens every day...
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Wealth and fame cannot guarantee happiness or love. And, if one is without either of those things, s/he may deign to take their own life.

Many famous people who "had it all," have done so. CLEOPATRA was one example of a suicide, wasn't she? She had everything, for her time period, including any man she wanted.

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