What Famous People Have Come From Wolverhampton?


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Many famous people have come from Wolverhampton who have distinguished themselves in various fields like sports, cinema, politics, scientific research, music among others. Some of the well known personalities from the field of politics to have been associated with Wolverhampton are Norman Brook who served as the Cabinet Secretary of Britain from 1947-62, David Wright who was the UK ambassador to Japan (1996-99), Enoch Powell, Sir Charles Pelham Villiers (1802-1898) who was a Member of Parliament for a period of 63 years, a record in itself and Baroness Helen Hayman the first and the current Lord Speaker of the UK.

Sportsmen to have emerged from the Wolverhampton region are Billy Wright one of the more familiar faces of English football in the 1950s, Tessa Sanderson who won an Olympic gold medal (1984) in javelin throwing and Anita Lonsborough and Denis Lewis both of whom won gold medals in the Olympics. The noted industrialist and philanthropist Sir Jack Howard rose to prominence from Wolverhampton where he was born and brought up.

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