What Famous People Have Been Knighted?


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One example of a famous person who has been knighted is musician Bob Geldof (of the Boomtown Rats). This Irish rocker, who had a huge musical hit with his song, "I Don't Like Mondays", received this highest of honors when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II after his Live-Aid charity concert in the late 1980's. Geldof spearheaded the entire Live-Aid concert, which raised millions of dollars for African famine relief. Performers who appeared at Live-Aid included:

• Phil Collins, of Genesis fame
• U2
• Sting
• Duran Duran
• Mick Jagger
• Bryan Adams

Another celebrity who was knighted by the Queen is the charming and handsome Star Trek actor, Patrick Stewart. This British thespian's beautiful speaking voice and innate charisma have made him extremely popular with fans all over the world. Now christened Sir Patrick Stewart, this actor has appeared in countless films and television series.

Since women can't be knighted, they are made "Dames" instead; one example of a woman who earned this honor is Dame Judi Dench; Dench is an actress who portrays classic James Bond character "M" in the recent 007 films; she's also appeared in wonderful period films, such as Pride & Prejudice.

There are lower honors bestowed by the Queen, such as OBE's and so forth - the Beatles receives OBE's, but John Lennon sent his back afterwards, as he was not a true proponent of the monarchy and the class system.

The tradition of knighting began in medieval times, when the knights of Camelot were dubbed "Sir" by the reigning King, Arthur. Lancelot is one example of a famous knight from this time period. While many view the tradition of knighting as terrible outdated and elitist, few celebrities can resist the idea of visiting Buckingham Palace, and being knighted by the Queen herself. The knighthood can also enhance the career and reputation of the person who receives it.

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