What Famous People Have Had Williams Syndrome?


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There are no concrete, confirmed examples of celebrities who suffer from Williams Syndrome, although there are rumors that the amazingly gregarious comedian, Carrot Top, may fit the criteria for a person with William's Syndrome. This disorder has its good points and bad points, but it can be defined by peculiar enhancements of regular social skills, coupled with a distinctive, "elf-like" face and body. People with William's Syndrome have difficulty with some spatial tasks, including map reading; however, they are wonderfully intuitive when reading the feelings displayed on other people's faces. Talkative and curious, these sorts of people may go too far in their conversations and social activities - they may be too outgoing and talkative for other people. In some cases, William's Syndrome may trigger unsafe choices and behaviors.

Scientists have been researching the syndrome for some time, even though no celebrities have been formally and publicly linked with the disorder. According to scientific research, people with William's Syndrome notice other people's "happy" expressions more easily, and react to these happy expressions by initiating conversations. However, people with the syndrome don't always catch "sad" faces of other changes in mood - this can contribute to social problems, as they can't gauge when someone else's mood changes for the worse. On one hand, intuition is heightened with the disorder; however, on the other hand, intuition of darker emotions or more subdued reactions is dulled.

There is some evidence that treatments used for patients with Autism may also be appropriate for people with William's Syndrome. Autistic children and adults also have difficulty following some social cues, although they don't have any of the heightened sociability of the William's Syndrome patients. Over time, more research should provide new answers about living with William's Syndrome and overcoming its challenges. There's a good chance that some celebrities already have been diagnosed with the disorder; they simply have chosen to keep their disorders private from others.
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Some scientists have said people with the condition look a bit like Mick Jagger, and have shown curiosity as to whether he may have a lesser form of the disorder. ( Google Mick Jagger and WS and you will see what I mean.). I do not think the public knows him well, but from how he acts to reporters it does not seem he has the personality of someone with William's syndrome.

Mick Jagger's doppelgänger, Harry Styles, is a different story. His public behavior is totally in accordance with the definition of a "William's personality ". He is seen as highly social, kind, musical, and an avowed "show off". He will literally stand out for hours getting pictures with his fans. Perhaps he kicks puppies when no one is looking; but it is telling that you hear almost nothing negative about him aside from having a lot of female "friends". I hope he gets tested.
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I don't know their names but apparently 3 members of the cast of the MTV show 'HOWS YOUR NEWS' have it.
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I wonder if the comedian "carrot top" has it...it is a guess only though...
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I can't help but think that the Britain's got Talent star Susan Boyle may have it. She seems to have the social and facial characteristics along with the 'perfect pitch' common to so many with William's Disease. She's awesome! Can't think of any others but I'm sure there are...

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Orlando Bloom and Ronald Jenkees have it.

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