Are There Any Famous People With Williams Syndrome?


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There aren’t any well-known celebrities that suffer with Williams Syndrome however there are some famous people who support foundations focused on the Syndrome.

For example, a host of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Aerosmith, Randy Jackson and Courtney Cox are big supporters of The Lili Claire Foundation, as well as ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry, who became the celebrity spokesperson when it first began. The Foundation was established in 1998 by two parents who had lost their daughter Lili Claire to a heart disease related to Williams Syndrome. They aim to help children suffering from Williams Syndrome, as well as give aid to parents and families having to deal with the struggles of bringing up children with the disorder.

Williams Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality which is caused by the deletion of a particular gene that makes protein elastin from chromosome 7. Due to the lack of this gene, the people who suffer with Williams Syndrome experience a number of medical and developmental problems. The symptoms include having anxiety issues and phobias, as well as heart problems and digestive difficulties.

The genetic disorder is usually detected at a young age and can be confirmed by a blood test. This blood test will identify that part of the chromosome 7 is missing from the blood. Despite the limitations the syndrome creates for people in everyday life, the majority of children and adults that suffer with it do go on to have active lives. Unfortunately there is no current cure for Williams syndrome, however if it can be detected early then regular surveillance and treatment will help to manage the problems and perhaps even prevent any related issues that may arise.

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