Did Ashanti Have A Baby By Nelly?


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Actually these are all rumors. Ashanti and Nelly have been together for a while but they definitely are not having a baby. And most definitely not getting married at all. This is just cooked up stuff by the paparazzi.
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Nelly actually has a child from a previous relationship but does not have a child with ashanti.
And just for the record...just because you sing a song together does not mean you hooked up! Nelly and Kelly never even dated and she was engaged to someone else near that time anyways.
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I think NO because they would said something a long time ago like on the news or something.by Carter
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Riteee guys lets get this straight
nelly and ashanti aren't getting married
and ashanti sure hell aint havinggg a baby
they are just datinggggg
gawddd peopleee who actually listens tothe crap that paprazzziii says
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No, that was a rumor.
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patty lindsey
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Yea i think so girl i bet that baby is going to be so cute just like its daddy i love everything you play in videos and movies and all i hope yall enjoy yall baby when it come yea yall rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is ashanti having nelly s baby and are they getting married
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Of course they don't have a baby. Yall need to quit. Nelly done moved on to Ashanti, and he happy with her. Kelly will understand that...But now they ain't got no kids...
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I think they did but it wasnt right or fair and I think him an kelly rowland should get back together.
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All y'all need shut up about is nelly is with Ashanti it over between kelly and nell k get over it
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No I don't think so no nelly should not get back with kelly ashanti and him look so cut to gether
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Ashanti is having Brittney Spears baby and they are going to name it Mr. McButerry Nipples. And No they are not getting married , Ashanti is already engaged to Woody Woodpecker.

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