Are Nelly And Ashanti Married?


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No, well at least not to the knowledge of the general public. Nelly and Ashanti have a very private relationship; whether this is a romantic relationship or a friendship, no one is quite sure.

For a long time Nelly denied the rumors which suggested that he was dating Ashanti stating that they were merely just very good friends and that he had no time for a relationship. It is believed that Nelly and Ashanti have been a couple since around 2006 when they were caught looking very close at numerous locations and award shows.

Since then however, they have tried very hard to not be seen in public together romantically and when asked about their relationship they both tend to deny everything. That said Nelly often just ignores the question, opting for an evasive answer for example suggesting he is very happily married - to his work!

The very fact that Nelly avoids such questions only fuels the rumors of romance between the two and it is pretty much accepted that the two are definitely dating. The rumors of marriage are thought to be no more than just that - rumors.

There is no good hard evidence to suggest otherwise and Ashanti has denied these claims many a time. It is understood that Nelly is old fashioned in his views on marriage and he often responds to questions about his love life and marriage with simple answers about only wanting to get married once and it being for life.

The pair work to very hectic schedules and are keen to concentrate fully on their careers.
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Is Nelly and Ashanti married?
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Nope ,they are not married but I did manage to stumble across these website saying that she was four months pregnant back in 06 July 21,06 to be on point website is
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We really do not know yet we are tring to figure that out right now.I will let you know when I find out something.
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Nope, they weren't 2 gather data long.

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