Are Irishea Hilliard-Lewis And Jeffrey L. Lewis Still Married?


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Irishea Hilliard-Lewis and Jeffrey L. Lewis are divorced, probably due to a little extra-marital affairs on the part of Mr. Lewis. According to most sources, Mr. Lewis had a little too much of a good time at his bachelor party before the wedding ever happened, and he seems to have continued his good times ways once he was married which eventually led to a divorce.

A large percentage of men have trouble being faithful. Many people think it has to do with heredity as men in pre-historic times needed to procreate as much as possible in order to ensure survival of the species. And it seems some things never change as Representative Weiner from New York is another recent example of a famous and powerful man for whom one woman does not seem to be enough.

Women since gaining the full rights that men have enjoyed for years are not immune to playing the field either. Many recent high profile cases have involved women who are married but stray into another man's arms regardless of that fact. Several women who are teachers have been busted in high profile cases for having sex with their students and the percentage of women having extra-marital affairs has been growing for some time now.

Expect more of the same in the future as marriage is not the institution it used to be and is not regarded in the same light today as it was several decades ago. More and more people are delaying getting married or not getting married at all as times change. Some people get addicted to doing dangerous and taboo things and fooling around on your spouse is one of the most common things people do. Also expect celebrity marriages to keep failing at a rate above the average failure rate for American married couples.

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