Is Jerry Lewis Still Alive ?


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Jerry Lewis is an American actor, film producer, writer and film director. He is known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund raising telethons.

He has won many prestigious Awards from The American Comedy Awards and Golden Camera. And by the way, he is alive.
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Jerry Lewis, I just want to tell you that i admire you for all the love, honor, commitment, and hours you have given me and billions of other people who love you also..I wonder if we are related.

M Lee Lewis
from powells point nc
Marc laurent
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Mr Jerry Lewis , thank you for all pleasant and happy time you gave and you continue to give us since our childhood . My wife saw you in Italy,and myself in France during our childhood and now we are in Corsica ( in the middle ) . You don't even know us ( of course no ) but you are so close to us that you seem to be part of our familly . Thanks again for all and wishing you all the best
Marc laurent
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Antonella, Alexis , Marc from Corsica
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Jerry Lewis is still alive
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Mr Lewis had acquired a blood disorder in the last 10 years, and for a while it wasn't looking good. However, he has overcome that and just recently finished a movie(in the last year). Just cannot remember the name of it.

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