How To Play Baby By Justin Bieber On A Recorder?


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The sheet music for 'Baby' can be purchased at this website:

The sheet music is not available for free online, but you can find it at the above URL.

Most sheet music for songs out there today still have their copyright. This means you have to pay a fee in order to access the entire song if you want to learn how to play Baby on the recorder.

Since you ask about the recorder it means you will need to find and download the sheet music for the recorder. The above site will have it. It is an eight page download you can print once you have paid the correct fee. The fee can be a onetime download or you can go with a subscription allowing you to download all the music you want from month to month. The site we provided is one of the better options for a subscription as they can transpose the music.

Some of the sheet music may only be available in piano, but you can find what key to transpose to. This then allows you to play the music on the instrument you want to play it on.

If you visit the URL above you can see a sample of the music. It is only the first page, but it will show you exactly what you will get when you pay to download the sheet music for the song Baby. You also see who the music was composed by and the copyright.

There are other sites like 'Music 8' that will allow you to download music for a subscription. This means they may also have the song, but you will have to pay for it whether you buy online or in the store due to the copyright.

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