What Are The Flute Notes To Baby By Justin Bieber?


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The song Baby is in the key of E-flat Major. The basic notes of the chorus, played along to the rhythm of the song with the lyrics given are as follows: Baby, baby, baby oh - G-F-G-F-G-F-Bb (B-flat), and then the next phrase 'Like, Baby, baby, baby, no': G-G-F-G-F-G-F-C. The next is the same as the first phrase with the extra G for the 'like'. 'Thought you'd always be mine, mi-ine' is G-F-G-G-G-F-G-Eflat-F-Eflat.

Ruthlessly simple and effortlessly catchy, the video for Baby, on Justin's VEVO channel on YouTube, has been viewed over 550 million times! The verse pattern is ruled mainly by the five notes: E flat-B flat-G-F-G, with the never ever be apart alternating between F and G. The second verse varies on these notes which you should be able to pick up after listening to it many times. The song rarely stretches beyond that top C as hit on the 'no' in the chorus.

If you just want to play the underlying notes of the main chord in both verse and chorus, they are as follows: E flat, C, A flat, B flat, the simple I-vi-IV-V as heard in pop songs throughout history.

Justin has recently been photographed in Hawaii on a vacation with pop star Selena Gomez. It is believed that Justin then took her to have lunch in Canada with Justin's extended family. OK! Magazine called it a "Maui Makeout", and the appetite for news of Justin is now such that he is the most searched-for artist on Internet search engines. With pop songs as catchy as Baby, it is no wonder that this is the case.
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I know most of the song for flute!! The notes are: EbFGFEbDC. EbFGFEbFC. EbFGFEbFF. EbBbGFG. EbBbGF. EbBbGFG. EbBbGFEb. BbBbGFEb. BbBbGF. EbEbFFGFGFGFGF. EbBbGFG. BbGFEb. BbFGEbEbEbFEb. EbEbFAbGFFEbEbFFEb. EbFFFFFFFGFEbEbFEb. GFGFGFBb. GGFGFGFC. GGFGFGFBb. GFGGGFGFFEb. The lower case b's are flat signs. This is most of the song starting with oh___ oh___ and ending with thought youd always be__ mine__ mine.
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This site claims to have the flute chords if you click on the relevant link. However, I haven't tried this out, so you should check carefully that it is genuine before using the site. If this doesn't work you may have to buy the chords - most sheet music is available for quite a small price, but it's not always easy to get music free, unlike lyrics which are readily available.
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Yea I know some it is hard to fine here it is ...E, .....E,E,  E,F,G,F,E,D,C,
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I think its is

e f g  f e d c c c e f g f e
d c c c e f g f e f f e d b  c  g e
b g f g e b g f~~~ e e f f g f g f g f g f~~
e b g f g b g f e  e f f e e e f a b g e e  e f f e  ffffff e g fe e f e g ff g ff gf b ggg ff g ff g f c ggg f g f b e ggggg f g fg gfc ggg ff g ff
g f b ggg ff g ff gf c ggg ff g ff g f b e ggg gg fgff e e e e e e b g fff e  e e f e e ff e e  e f ggg e c ggg e e f g e  f g f e f gge ab ggggggggggg ffff e e f g ff gff gb ggg ffgff g f c ggg ff gff g f b e gggg f g ff e g ff g ff g f b ggg ff g  ff g ff gfb ggg ff gff g c ggg gff gf f gf b e ggggg f g ff e g f e gf e gf e gfe g f e gfgf d e e  if you  think that right tell me if you think its wroght stills tell  me thanks
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The notes are simple they are E,F,G,F,E,D,C,C,C
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AG.    AG.  AG.    D. G.  AG  AG    AG.  E    G.  AG    AG.  AG  D
Baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby no like baby baby baby oh

B  A.          B        B B      A    A      G
I Thought you'd always be mine, mine

If that doesn't work, replace AG ( baby) to BA.
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Its this!!!

            AG-AG-AG-B    AG-AG-AG-C2  GGAGGFAGFe
            baby baby baby oh! Baby baby baby no!
                                      Thought you'd always be mine aha.  Rate me!!  -ISABELLA

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