How Can I Become Famous?


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To become famous is not as hard task as one can just image. Sometimes there is so simple solution which we neglect and don't consider just because of their simplicity. Well one can be famous by ones good deeds, by simply best in something, or being the first one to do that, but there are worst thing too that can make someone famous. everyone notice a sudden change very quickly, so to become famous one may do something different or doing the same thing in a different style, time whatever. Sometimes it totally depends upon someone s luck as well. For example in cricket to complete a century is very common and as old as cricket itself, but Shahid Afridi of Pakistani cricket team got famous just because of his fastest century in minimum balls. Sometimes some bad quality or in which someone don't have command becomes its fame status. For example Picasso was very bad at colors. Hunter did not know how to draw a human figure. But they are all famous in their specific fields. Actually everything need some time. Success and fame is a long way one has to put whole of his capabilities to get out of it. Plus you should know why you want to become famous. Fame is an ultimate result which just draws as a jackpot. Anyone in this world can become famous at once. Or sometimes after doing all efforts he may not get anything or what he desire for. So with your efforts and luck. Do believe in ALLAH and just pray for yourself and for me as well. May we both get what we want from life and also the best which ALLAH wants for us.
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Well how to be famous is to look up some tv shows or what you good at on the computer. Then if you found something you really want to audition to,you might want to get a plane ticket because you might have to fly to california. As soon you get there, get a hotel, go to the audtion the next morning. When entering a audition, don't be to nervous,calm down,calm your nerves,and breathe for alittle bit.after you audtion and got the part, you first need an agent. After an agent, you my friend will be famous!
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Make a vid on youtube with a catchy song or phrase
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First step is YouTube!
Create a popular vid at YouTube.

Second End up on TV!
After being super popular at YouTube you will be interveiwed on TV!!!

Lastly become famous on your own MOVIE!!!
After being super popular, you should be ending up on your own movie, if you're that popular that is.
This should work cause it did to Fred and Mishka the talking husky!
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 How to be famous
To be famous, you have to be a pop star or break a world record or something .

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