It Comes Once In A Year, Twice A Month, 16 Times A Day. What's That?


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It comes once in year ,it comes twice in month, it comes 4 times in week, it comes in day 16 times
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'E' is the answer, I guess... Is it?
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' ODD ' numbers.

In a Day, there are 6 ODD hours.

In a Week, there are 4 ODD days.

In a Month, there are 2 ODD weeks.

In a Year (12 months), there is 1 ODD number.
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We haven't seen the best answer yet for this question, its seems more like a puzzle than a joke...
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The alphabet "E" . In word "week" "E" comes twice and in a word "year"  "E" comes ones.

Hurray as simple as we think

good luck
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Odd Numbers
1.)   As in a year we have 12 months and when we seperate 1 and 2 as digits we get   '1' which is an Odd number.
2.)A month consist of 4 weeks numbered as (1),2,(3),4 so consisting of 2 odd numbers.
3.)When a week is numbered as (1),2,(3),4,(5),6,(7) we get 4 odd numbers.
4.)If we take no of hours in a Day in format of 12hours instead of 24hours
(1),2,(3),4,(5),6,(7),8,(9),10,(11),12 consisting of 6 odd numbers.
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I've heard riddles similar to this but never this one:

I've heard:
What is the thing that comes once in a year,twice a month,four times a week and six times a day?
Several answers for this are:

year twelve months seven day week twelve hour day time twelve hour night time

What occurs once in a year, twice in every month, four times in every week and six times in each and every weekend

Answer to Both:: The Letter "E"
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It's only a Joke dear,
Be sensible, think the thing that comes once a year how can be twice a month & 16 times a day.
So no answer of it because it is a wrong Question.

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