A Thing Comes Once A Year, Twice A Month, Four Times In A Week, Six Times In A Day, What Is It?


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' ODD ' numbers.

Once in a year
We get only one New year for every year. 1 is an Odd Number.

Twice in a month
We get 4 New weeks in every month. In that we have 1,3 are odd weeks.

Four times in a week
We get 7 New days in Every Week. In that 1,3,5,7 are the ODD Numbers.

Six times in a day
We get 12 New hours every day. In that 1,3,5,7,9,11 are the ODD Numbers.
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In a day we have six odd hours, in a week there are four odd days, in a month there are two odd weeks and these appear once in a year
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I don't understand that at all... Odd weeks?
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Maybe you need to be a little more specific, ok.
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That's because I had no clue. Lol just used browser for possible answer.When the answer is posted, I will be a little bit smarter. Good question!
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Multiples of 12 occur as following
12th month 1 time in year
12th and 24 th in a Month
12p.m ,24th ,36th,48th ,60th Min and 12 a.m in day (6 times)
there are 52 weeks -12th 24th 36th 48th only not greater than that ---4 times in weeks
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  There are 6 odd hours in a day-1,3,5,7,9,11.
   There are 4 odd days in a week-1,3,5,7.
    There are 2 odd weeks in a month-1,3.
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Odd' numbers.
'6' in a Day, there are 6 odd hours.- take day hours in 12 hour format, not in a 24 hour format.
(1), 2, (3), 4, (5), 6, (7), 8, (9), 10, (11), 12 - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are 6 odd numbers.

'4' in a Week, there are 4 odd days. - you know that there are 7 days in a week.
(1), 2, (3), 4, (5), 6, (7) - 1, 3, 5, 7 are 4 odd numbers.

'2' in a Month, there are two odd weeks. - you know that there are 4 weeks in a month.
(1), 2, (3), 4 - 1 & 3 are two odd numbers.
'1' in a Year (12 months), there is 1 odd - you know that 12 months are in year. Take number 12 of months.
(1), 2 - 1 is one odd number.
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1st answer:

Its simply the numbers of letters used in words
2nd Answer:
Odd numbers...
Once in a year:- 200*9*
twice in every month:- 02 odd week 1 & 3.
4 times in a week:-four odd days in a week- 1, 3, 5, 7
and 06 times a day:- odd hour 1,3,5,7,9,11
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Its "you" because you comes four times in month(s{you}nday,monday, t{you}esday, wednesday,th{you}rsday, friday, sat{you}rday), 2 times in a month (seven h{you}ndred twenty min{you}tes),1 time in year(tree h{you}ndred sixty five days) but 6 times in a day some thing might be like this?

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