What Was The Price Of A Radio In The 1920's?


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The first two answers don't help at all.  The third does, although I'm not sure it it's right
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There are no exact figures stating the price of radios in 1920's. Initially radio technology was known as "wireless telegraph". It was later shortened and called "wireless". Even l today it is not clear who invented the "wireless telegraph" there are many people who contributed to the development of wireless technology for example, Alexander Stepanovich Popov, who created the first radio receiver in 1894, which had a coherer in it. He further developed this device to a lightning detector, and later presented this device to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society.

Nikola Tesla had developed devices for his research on electricity. While conducting a lecture at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, he explained and showed the detail theory of his work. The details given by him were later incorporated into the radio's working system.

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