Who Is Oliver Searle?


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Oliver Searle is a young Scottish composer, who hails from Edinburgh and who trained as music teacher at the University of Aberdeen's training college, before going to collect a lot of postgraduate qualifications from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

He has written a lot of great compositions, he is a truly amazing musician but he's not super fond of singers.

Oliver has written for theatre and currently works for a company in Austria which makes cochlear ear implants, he composes full time now whilst completing his doctorate.

He has won many awards and scholarships and travels across the world to speak about his work in Austria.

Oliver was born in 1977. He has composed for the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, the RSAMD, Nomad, and a number of other high profile venues/organisations.

He currently works for his own music company which is called Symposia.

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