How Tall Is Ray William Johnson?


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A definitive answer is not available with regards to Ray William Johnson's height.

  • It is suspected that Ray William Johnson is under 5'7".
There is no data online to support the actual height of Ray William Johnson; however, most information seems to confirm that he is at least under 5'7". In an interview it was said that he "knows he is short." This statement could imply that he is shorter than most men or that he is just a short person. Most guys tend to be 5'8" and above, so 5'7" and under can be considered short by a guy's standards.

  • Try comparing his height with others
You may try finding a picture of Ray William Johnson in a video with someone else. If you can find one with another celebrity or with a person where you know their height you may be able to find out the height of Ray William Johnson.

  • Try some other methods
Information online it is not readily available to confirm his height measurement, even an official website page does not exist with this information. Given that his videos and interviews have never confirmed his height either, chances are you may not find out his true height.

You may try to find out through any online site like Facebook if there is an official page. You may also try other ways to find out such as sending a fan letter; however, you will probably not get the full details. So, a guess is probably as close as you will get, given that most individuals do not know these details. Those who know him do not seem as though they are sharing online either. This circles the answer back around to perhaps 5'7", but it is just a guess based on unproven internet rumor.
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