What Do You Know About Corsicana Mattresses? Are They As High In Quality As Leading Brands?


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Before I bought my mattress set, I dug deep into researching what was the best one to buy at the best value.  After extensive research, I found out that the reason Sealy, Serta & Simmons cost more than Corsicana is because of their extensive advertising.  About 35% of your mattress price with those companies is for their advertising.  Corsicana does not spend those dollars to advertise so they pass the value onto the customer.  I  bought a Corsicana 3 years ago for $699 (compared to a similar Sealy for $1099) and it is great.  Sleeping good for the last 3 years and saved money at the same time.
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I have been in the mattress industry for many years and have ZERO loyalty to any particular brand. I will make this very simple for everyone: (Aside from memory foam-only makers) ALL MATTRESS COMPANIES MAKE THE SAME MODELS; JUST LIKE CAR COMPANIES. You WILL save money getting a "generic" just "know your specs" (what's in the mattress). When you compare individual models, be sure that you're comparing oranges-to-oranges. (Or pocket coil to pocket coil, etc). Michigan Discount Mattress sells probably the most Corsicana Mattress models (and even does them in custom sizes) and you can check out the array to understand just how much models can vary from one another: http://michigandiscountmattress.com/discount_mattress_sale/Corsicana
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We've had our memory-foam Corsicana mattress for three years.  Love it.  No problems at all.  We did buy a high-quality mattress pad as the memory-foam can have "hot spots" while sleeping on it.  But as far as the company Corsicana, we've recommended it to many people.
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These beds actually surprised the hell out of me. They are cheaper than the leading brands, and still offer long 10 yr warranties. My girl friend just bought one, and I was really skeptical at first. But it was a really really good mattress for the price. My mattress is Sealy and I honestly like hers better. Shes had it for about 6 months now I guess? So far so good
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I just bought a set about a year ago from Grandriver Mattress outlet  in redford , Mi and its comfortable , and the price was way lower than the big s brands
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They are good quality. I'd buy the brand again. I got a real nice one for $350. Complete Set with a 5 year warranty. Sleeping a lot more these days.
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I have read mixed reviews about the mattresses made by Corsicana company. They claim it to be a finest quality mattress at a cheap price. However, some consumers have claimed it as a rip off. You can read the reviews and decide for yourself. Here is the link:


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Finding the perfect assembled bedroom furniture can be quite tricky and finding the ideal mattress is never easy to decide.

I do know that Corsicana Mattresses is a generic version of the famous brands. However, it doesn't mean the quality is less, but if you are to surf the net for any reviews about this product, you'll realize how it is something worth checking out.

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