Where Can I Get Free Movie Screening Tickets For Charlotte, Nc?


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There are many online portals which give information about free movie screening tickets for Charlotte, NC; the most popular being the Film Metro (www.filmmetro.com). However at present, there are no movie screenings going on, according to the website. The last entry of fan's view came in April 27, 2011 and at that time no screening was on air. Another reliable source of getting information about screenings in Charlotte, is the blog post The Movie Outsider (themovieoutsider.blogspot.com/2007/01/charlotte.html). The sources of getting free screening tickets are from local radio, local print, local TV, local internet and regional and national internet. Local Radio usually gives screening passes in 6 ways like 'listen to win, pass pick-up, expo or festival, follow the van, point system and online contests'. Local print like Charlotte Observer (print version) and Creative Loafing contains information about free movie screening tickets. Local Internet Charlotte Vibe offers passes to advanced screenings but only once or twice a month. Wild About Movies is another web portal which features celebrity interviews, movie news and giveaways. The movie theatres that are screening free shows are AMC Carolina Pavilion 22, AMC Concord Mills 24 and AMC Northlake 14. Moviescreenings.net (moviescreenings.net/content/charlotte-movie-screenings) is another website which details lists of portals that promote free screenings in various US cities. Basically, it brings together all media outlets like radio, print and websites into one single place. For instance, the list includes radio outlets like ABC 9, Power 98 as also print media links like Charlotte Observer. To get the latest news about free screenings in Charlotte, the best way is to contact the local theaters and ask them, if there are any free movies screened at present. Another reliable way to get you updated is by subscribing to the FatWallet free movie screening thread. Log on to (geniushabit.com/1294/how-to-get-free-movie-screening-tickets) for more details about Fatwallet and how to set up email filters.

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