How Much Does Jennifer Aniston Weigh?


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Jennifer Aniston weighs 118 lbs and is said to have one of the most desirable bodies in Hollywood. Like many other actresses she too came under media scrutiny for her weight when her figured changed to being very lean from a rather curvaceous one, She is better known as 'Rachel' from Friends and was responsible for setting up many a fashion trend with her mannerisms, her clothes and especially her hair.

Her personal life recently came into the spotlight once again during her divorce to fellow actor Brad Pitt whom she was married to for 5 years. As of now, she's dating comedian Vince Vaughn and is also trying her hand at production. Some of Aniston's movies include 'Along Came Polly', 'She's the One', 'Rockstar' and her latest movie with current boyfriend Vince Vaughn titled, 'the Break-Up.'
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