How Do I Give Myself A Texas Wedgie?


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Giving yourself a Texas wedgie is not a good idea. The repercussions could be severe!

If there's no deterring you, though, then a self-executed Texas wedgie can be achieved through the following steps:

1. Grab your underwear.
2. Pull it up as high as you can.
3. Dump a load of hot sauce down your pants (it doesn't matter which brand you use).

A Texas Wedgie
Like all things 'Texas', a Texas wedgie invariably features hot sauce. In fact, this spicy ingredient is the only thing that differentiates a Texas wedgie from a regular wedgie.

If you're feeling particularly depraved, you may also want to follow up your Texas wedgie with a Mexican wedgie: Basically replacing the hot sauce with jalapeno brine.

These types of wedgie are pretty extreme because, as well as the danger of serious injury to your nether-regions caused by the friction from your underwear, the spicy ingredients add an extra element of risk!

If you've ever accidentally rubbed your eyes after eating jalapenos, you'll know exactly how much it can hurt. Now, if you try to imagine some hot sauce or jalapeno juice making its way down your pants... The pain involved could be exponentially greater.
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You give a wedgie to yourself as high as you can then you put hot sauce down the gap.
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Hook your underwear over a bed for more than 4 hours.
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You give yourself a wedgie and pour hot sauce down your crack I think.

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