How Do I Give Myself A Permanent Wedgie?


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A 'wedgie' is a term that refers to a situation where someone's underwear is wedged between the butt cheeks, often creating discomfort. To give yourself a 'permanent wedgie', I'd assume you'd need to find a way to permanently wedge your underwear between your buttocks.

The easiest way to do this would be to buy a pair of underwear that is designed to naturally sit between the buttocks.

How to give yourself a permanent wedgie

Before I go into the types of underwear that will provide you with the 24/7 wedgie experience you are looking for, it may be worth mentioning the different ways of securing your underwear in a permanent wedgie position:

  • Using a suspender (that's braces to you UK readers)
  • Securing the waistband of your underwear higher than normal with a belt

Types of underwear that will give you a permanent wedgie

As far as underwear goes, the following are all types of underwear you may want to consider wearing :
  • Thong
  • G-string
  • Fundoshi
  • Kowpeenman
The thong and g-string are often used interchangeably, but it is thought that a g-string refers particularly to underwear where the material between the buttocks is literally just a piece of elastic string - whereas a thong can have a slightly thicker strip of material which still acts to expose most of the buttocks.

The Fundoshi is a traditional Japanese type of underwear that was mostly worn by men. It is secured around the loins by material that passes between the butt cheeks.

The Kowpeenman is a similar concept that hails from India.

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