How Tall Is Patrick Stump?


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To fullon who answered the question first. The question was "how tall is patrick stump?" okay and what the heck! The band is "Fall Out Boy" not boys! And fyi patrick is the RYTHYM guitarist! JOE is the lead guitarist! The next time you answer a question make sure you get the facts STRAIGHT! So you don't piss off the real fans!
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He is indeed only 5'4
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5"4. Hes like the same height as me, I  think.
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Patrick Martin Stumph is 5'4" or 1.63 m tall. His nicknames include Stumpy, Lunchbox and Rickster. He is famous primarily as the lead singer of the band 'Fall Out Boys'.
Though he is the lead singer of the band along with being the lead guitarist, amazingly he had never sung before nor taken up lessons for singing. He is credited with writing all the music for his band and was originally a drummer but had to take up the guitar when a lead guitarist left.
He changed his name to Stump from Stumph when he joined 'Fall Out Boys' so as not to cause confusion about its pronunciation. He formed the band along with Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz.
Patrick Stump comes from a musical background with his father Dave Stump as a folk singer and his brother Kevin, an accomplished violinist.
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WTF!!!! the band is "Fall Out Boy" not boys! Patrick is the RYTHYM guitarist! JOE is the lead guitarist! and fyi PLEASE, so you don't piss off real fans, get your facts straight!!!
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Patrick Stump is indeed 5'4". But who the hell cares?!
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A) its 'fall out BOY' not boys, b) he did not write ALL the lyrics, Petey wrote the ones on the last 2 albums c) joeman is the lead guitarist d) the stump leprechaun is the rhythm guitarist, d)in agreeance with Kristin, don't piss the real fans off (too late)

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