Which Country Invented The Guitar?


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It is unclear where the guitar was first invented, but the earliest literature to mention the instrument dates from 13th century Spain. The literature references both a Moorish and Spanish guitar which has sparked further debate. However, the guitar is the descendent of a variety of ancient instruments and is believed to have been brought to Europe from Asia and India by the Moors.

Juan Ruiz's Poem

The earliest reference to a guitar is by 13th century poet Juan Ruiz:

"Then came out, with a strident sound, the two-stringed Moor's guitar,

High-pitched as to its range, as to its tone both harsh and bold;

Big-bellied lute which marks the time for merry, rustic dance,

And Spanish guitar which with the rest was herded in the fold."
  • First reference to the guitar was in 13th century Spain by poet Juan Ruiz.
  • The poem mentions both Spanish and Moorish guitars.
  • They are descendants of Indian and Asian stringed instruments.

Asian/Indian origins.

The Moorish occupation of Spain brought the instrument to Europe, but it is believed that the Moorish version of the guitar had been derived from other Asian and most probably Indian instruments such as the tanbur, setar and sitar.
  • Tanbur, setar and sitar are all ancient Indian stringed instruments.
  • These may have influenced the evolution of the Moorish guitar.
  • The instrument was brought to spain during the Moorish occupation of the Iberian peninsula.

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There is no exact answer. From what I can find it would be in Spain. No guitar reference can be found before the fifteenth century. It is thought to be made by the people of the city of Malaga. This is in reference to what the present day guitar looks like. It was however, smaller.

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