Does Dr Awolowa Odusami From Nome Alaska Exsist?


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It is unclear if Dr Odusami, whom the character in the film The Fourth Kind was based on is real, or if he is part of a fiction used to try to make supposed real events seem more credible. At the end of the film it is revealed this was not the real name of the doctor but an alias. Therefore, there is a chance the doctor does exist. It does depend on whether you believe the plot of the film to have been based on true life events or not though.
As the plot of the film, which stars Milla Jovovich, is said to be based on actual events that occurred in Nome Alaska in 2009, the doctor character may well be based on a real life doctor in the town who played a part in the events that are supposed to have taken place in 2000.
The film itself is about a psychologist called Dr Abbey Tyler who uses hypnosis techniques to delve into and recover memories from patients of alien abductions. During some of the supposed abductions some patients speak a strange language and Dr Tyler resorts to calling in a friend of her late husband, Dr Odusami. As an expert in ancient languages, he is reported in the film to have identified it as Sumerian.
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If Mr Awolowa Odusami does exist then he is more than likely to exist within Government holding due to his vast knowledge and experience, as there is a lot of information that is being held and restricted from Public view as it would make disturbance on this Planet.    Answer this Question: Why are there over 20,000 people that go missing each year in Australia look at;    Now thats an incredible amount for a population of just 22 and a half Million.    Ask the QUESTION how many go missing in Europe or America any answers, yes much more than Australia.    Its on an average of 2% Missing People have run away from home, went to the local shop and never returned i.e. Murdered who knows etc, BUT the rest unsolved, Vanished.    Be realistic do the calculations and think Outside the Square, If unsure then look up the STATS or even best look to the Stars.
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Hell yea
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I thing that is exist , and I thing that is so selfish visualization that we are(mankind) is the only existent in the all of the univers,. (vahid from iran)
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The director of the movie made a fake page with fake news articles that the Nome and Fairbanks newspapers sued him for, they had to remove the articles and the page, as well as pay a small award to medical researches. The movie is not real, and is not based on "Actual" events. So, there is no "real" Dr. Awolawa Odusami. I hope this helps.

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I used to believe in the UFO. In one of those trip to Iran, I met a young enthusiastic astronomer in an exhibition. I asked her if she believed in the UFO. Then she answered me by quoting a verse of Holy Quran that Allah created Human being as a highest intelligent in the universe. Then she told me there would not be any more intelligent being than human being in the entire universe. Then all of my belief in the UFO shattered at once.

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