Is Ashley Tyler Real? And Is She Still Missing From Nome, Alaska?


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If Ashley Tyler in the movie, The Fourth Kind, is a fictional character, what little girl is pictured at the end of the movie that claims she has never been found?  The little girl that is the actress Mia Mckenna-Bruce in the movie and the little girl pictured at the end of the movie are 2 different kids.

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No, Ashley Tyler is not a real person. She is a character in a sci-fi thriller called The Fourth Kind.

The actress who plays her is British-born Mia McKenna-Bruce, who is best known for her role in the children's TV series Tracy Beaker.
Is Ashley Tyler really missing?
If you're worried about the whereabouts of Ashley Tyler, rest assured - she is a fictional character in a movie written and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.

In the film, Ashley is the daughter of a psychologist called Dr. Abigail Tyler (played by Milla Jovovich).

Ashley goes missing due to a suspected alien abduction.

Ashley Tyler in 'The Fourth Kind'
This film gained notoriety for its very realistic presentation. It was shot in a 'documentary-style', with clever camera angles and casually-shot footage.

The release of the film was a clever combination of marketing and rumor, that earned it a release similar to that of the movie The Blair Witch Project.

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