Is dr.abigail emily tyler footage real?


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In the film "The Fourth Kind" there is footage which is presented in a split screen fashion, some of it is allegedly real footage taking from hypnosis sessions that Dr Abigail Emily Tyler conducted. There is no real proof to suggest that the footage is actually real, only a CNN report which found that elements of the story were actually based on reality, in that there had been reports of disappearances in Nome, where the film is set. The FBI was said to be brought in to investigate in the year of 2005, to see if they could find out any information on the strange disappearances. They looked into around 20 different cases surrounding the claims, finding that only alcoholism and bad weather were the main causes. The nine missing bodies were never actually located, lending credibility to the possibility of this being true.

The film itself was based on two key components, adding to the confusion regarding whether or not the video footage that was shown throughout the film was real or staged, these key components being:

• Dramatization: In which the events were exaggerated and stage for the purposes of entertainment and making the film more engaging to the viewer. Actors play the people that are involved in the story, instead of the real people that were allegedly involved in the Nome cases.
• Video footage: Supposedly taken from when Dr Abigail Emily Tyler genuinely hypnotized the victims of the case, without any dramatization. There are also clips of Dr Abigail Emily Tyler being interviewed in the year of 2002, being two years after the abductions occurred.

The split screen idea merges the two different types of media together, making the fictional aspect of the story more credible and therefore, more frightening to the viewer. The video footage is seemingly true, whereas, the dramatization is not.

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