Is The Insiders Chris Jacobs Gay?


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Chris is one of the most sexy and handsome guys I have ever seen!  He has  a great personality and those Dimples!!!  I would love too see him in a pair of Bikini Strings!  On the Gay issue?  Well, he is 41 and has never been married.  Also, he makes no mention of a girlfriend or campanion etc...  Which I have too say is odd!  He has everything! Popularity! Money, Looks, Brains etc..., He could have the pick of the litter, that is if he wanted it.  The more I think abou it, he could be Gay, but seems to keep it hidden.. I did watch a few episodes of his old show when he would refurbish old cars for it s owners.  It seems he was very into hugging the guys in many episodes.. Weather this is any indication of being gay? I don't know.. One day the public may find out either way!
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He's sexy and very smart.   Seemingly straight, however I have a gay brother who is very masculine (huge sports fan, etc.) and does not fit the "gay" stereotype whatsoever.   So Chris could be one of those guys...
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I think Chris jacobs is so Sexy and Hot!  I have heard rumors that he is Gay.  I think it was strange that he is 41 years old and is not married.  Also, he is a public figure and there is never any mention of  a girlfriend, fiance, significent other etc..he seems to keep his love life well hidden from the press which isn't easy to do.  I would go out with Chris in a minute but it doesn't look like I ever have the chance.

Those dimples are so sexy!  He has a "nice looking" face and pretty toned body! Chris, if ever you have the need please look me up.  Thanks.

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