How Old Is Chris Brown?


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Chris Brown is a popular American R & B singer, songwriter, dancer, music video director and an actor. He made his debut in the year 2005 with his album and a hit single Run it.

Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 (1989-05-0. He is only 19 years of age. He was born and raised in Tappahannock in Virginia. His parents are Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. He made his debut at a very young age of 16. He has a record of the most youngest male artist topping the billboards.

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paiigee hutcherson
If i was hes age i would go out with him every body would like to bang himm too
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I love chris brown....however this is not true the person who has the most topping the billboads is micheal jackson...x
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Chris brown is 19 and sexy
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He is 21 right now
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Chris brown is 19 or 20 years old because he BEAT Rihanna
you CRAZY you KNOW THAT  just a joke

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