How old is Jawan Harris?


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How old is Jawan Harris? Well, he was born on May 5 1998, so he turned 13 earlier this year. Jawan, who is from Chicago, Illinois, has been singing since he was only three years old. He started out singing in the local church choir and, inspired by artists like Karen Clark-Sheard and J. Moss, as well as many gospel songs, his talent soon began to stand out.

  • Internet Videos
With so much talent, he decided to share some of his gift with the world and placed some of his videos onto the Internet. He very quickly gained an audience, and it was not long before he was spotted by a label executive and invited to New York.

  • The Beginning
Jawan Harris wowed bosses at ByStorm and Jive Records with his incredible talent and was put straight onto a fast track for success. The label signed him just a couple of days before his 12th birthday, and his first song with them, 'Nobody', has already earned him in excess of two million fans.

His single 'Keisha', which featured rapper Tyga, managed to make girls across America swoon with excitement, and his latest offering, 'Another Planet', for which he manged to rope in Chris Brown, is set to be another hit.

  • Jawan's Inspirations
Apart from the artists and gospel music from earlier days, Jawan has been greatly inspired both in his singing and dancing by artists like Usher, Chris Brown and the Jackson Five. Many have compared his old-school, sweet sound to a young Michael Jackson.

Seeing him in action, it would be of no surprise if even Jawan Harris' mother sometimes wonders: How old is Jawan? He certainly acts like a professional, and although he is literally just starting out, he is already being hailed as the next Justin Bieber.
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