Virtual Worlds Where You Can Kiss Justin Bieber?


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The website has a virtual game that allows users to kiss Justin Bieber.

  • The aim of the game is to kiss Justin Bieber while on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. The game will show a virtual Justin Bieber and his girlfriend who will be you. While you are fishing in the ocean, you can click on Justin Bieber and his girlfriend with your mouse to make them kiss. This alerts the paparazzi but you have to make sure you get rid of them if they come too close. In order to do this you must push them away by clicking on their boats.
  • The website has an array of virtual Justin Bieber games that you can choose from to play. There are a number of dress-up games which makes the user choose a cool outfit for the pop singer before he goes on stage. It is usually a race against the clock, so you need to make sure he is dressed and ready before he's due to go on stage.
  • Another game is called 'Justin Bieber Pizza Pasta' and in this game the user has to cook up some pizza pasta for Justin because he has just finished a show and he's starving. You will be given all the ingredients to make it.
  • You can also marry Justin Bieber in a game that takes you and the pop star onto an island to marry in a glamorous ceremony.
  • The game 'Justin Bieber vs Selena Gomez' is a head to head battle in which they have to hunt for their outfits and gifts for one another before their Valentines Day date.

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