Where Can I Get A Justin Bieber Bed Set?


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Charlie Gilbert answered
"There many shops and websites that sell officially licensed 'Justin Bieber bed sets' around the world. However, the company that distributes these bed sets, 'Lady Sandra Home Fashions', only supplies them to shops in Canada- Wal-Mart, Giant Tiger, Sears and Zellers. If you wish to obtain a 'Justin Bieber bed set' outside of Canada, then your only option is to order online.

The selection of websites which sell these sets is very limited. Not even Wal-Mart's own website includes it in their Justin Bieber range. Due to this lack of availability, websites such as are perhaps your best bet. It is relatively easy to find a 'new' bed set on these websites; however, some are in the format of auctions, unfortunately, creates the threat of losing the item, not present on ordinary websites. Despite this, appears to be the easiest way to obtain a 'Justin Bieber bed set' anywhere outside of Canada.

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