What Is Cody Simpson's Religion?


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Cody Simpson is not really religious as far as can be made out. There are rumors that he is an atheist, but these may be false. There are also some sources that claim is he Christian, with others being even more specific and claiming that he is Catholic.
Cody Simpson is an Australian pop singer who rose to fame when he released his debut single in 2009. The single 'iYiYi' featured the American rapper Flo Rida and reached number 14 in Australia. As yet, he has had little singles chart success outside of his native country, but his debut EP, '4 U' did chart in the American album chart. The singer was born Cody Robert Simpson on 11th January 1997 and is signed to the US record label Atlantic Records.
Shawn Campbell discovered him after he released videos of himself singing on the video uploading site YouTube. He has also won two gold medals for swimming at the Queensland Swimming Championships and has trained at the Miami Swimming Club.

He performed in his first tour of America in 2010 and has subsequently recorded a cover version of the song 'I Want Candy', which was featured in the film 'Hop'. 
He also won 2 awards in 2010, the Nickelodeon Australian Kids Choice Award for fresh Australian musicians, and the Breakthrough of the Year award, as an Internet sensation. He was also nominated for a Hollywood Teen TV award and 2 J-14 teen icon awards in 2010.
Simpson has been compared, mainly because of his age and the way in which he was discovered, to Justin Bieber, and is often referred to as the Australian Justin Bieber.

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