What is cody simpsons favorite number?


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It has been said that Cody Simpson's favorite number is 4.

You can find many other little facts about Cody Simpson at the following websites:
If you have any other questions about Cody Simpson then you could always try and ask him personally by sending him a message on his official Twitter or Facebook. Although you may end up disappointed if he doesn't reply, it may still be worth a try.

If you wish to follow and send Cody Simpson a tweet on Twitter then head to:
If you do not already have a Twitter account then it is fairly simple to set one up and is free to do so. Head to and then fill out your details.

You can also post messages on Cody Simpson's official Facebook page at:
Again you need to be a member of to be able to leave a message and you will also have to 'Like' the page. If you are not a member of Facebook then simply sign up at for free.

It may also be of interest to you to join some of the Cody Simpson fan forums which will let you talk to fellow Cody Simpson fans. The best forums are the ones with a lot of members, as this increases interaction and any questions you post will get a swift answer. You can normally see how many members a forum has by viewing the very foot of the webpage.

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