Looking For An Old Gospel Song That Says "Rainbow, Rainbow. God Put A Rainbow In My Window." Can You Help?


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The song was recorded by Deleon Richards in the 80's. Written by Jerry Peters.
"From the hand of the great master painter, a masterpiece is born once again
From Picasso to Chegal, he's the greatest of them all. God put a rainbow in my window.
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I think the song you may be looking for could be "The Rainbow Window".  The only information I was able to find on it, is that is it sung by a Christian children's group called the Daywind Kidz, and is sold at Christian book and music stores.

Hope that helps and hope that you find the song!
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God put a rainbow in my window
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It was on the album "Move On Up the Mountain".  Go to www.deleonmusic.com to purchase the record

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