How Does Mass Media Report New Discoveries In Medicine? What Should An Effective Newspaper Or Magazine Report About A New Diagnostic Procedure, Treatment Or Medication Consist Of? Describe Any Example Of A Report You Find With Respect To The Amount O


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The mass media often reports new discoveries in medicine by producing front page articles in newspapers, magazine reports and news bulletins. Discoveries are normally accredited to the doctor who made them. The journalist will report how the discovery was made, the implications it has for current scientific beliefs, and what it could mean for medicine in the future.

You may have seen these articles in your national newspapers, often run as front page headlines on days where there is little other big news, or in the first few pages of the newspaper. The tabloid press does, of course, tend to sensationalise its reports somewhat, and will often come up with some pretty wild examples, and some farfetched expectations for a new treatment's future; there are often pills for curing cancer, or studies which show aspirin will help you live forever etc.

If you are truly interested in modern medicine and the most up to date reports on new diagnostic procedures and tools, treatments and medications, scientific journals are the best place to look. They feature in depth reports on the very latest medical and technological advances, and often include a fair amount of background work to give their research and discoveries some context.

Science Daily ( has a health and medicine section which is always kept well up to date; it's a great resource for cutting edge medicine.
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Mass media reports new medicines in various ways: Commercials, magazine ads, and other methods. An effective way to market a new medicine is to appeal to your targeted audience. For example in shape magazine they have many medicines targeted to weight loss. This isn't a coincidental as a fitness magazine has ads on weight loss medication.

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