Find An Example In A Newspaper Or Magazine Of A Graph That Misleads By Failing To Use Equal Interval Sizes Or By Exaggerating Proportions?


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Check out this link:…  - it shows a graph with a y-axis that doesn’t start at zero, so the population growth of immigrants is totally exaggerated.

This is completely irresponsible and probably a deliberate attempt to deceive those who read it. Unfortunately there are not enough people in the world who believe (or maybe there are, but they get shouted over by the less tolerant or the more ill-informed) that the world is a big enough place for everyone, and so people from different cultures and countries become a threat rather than contributing to cultural diversity.

Racial hatred is ridiculous, yet it is real, insidious and dangerous. Graphs like this one are manipulating facts and twisting them to feed some people’s fears and prejudices.

The current buzzword seems to be Islamaphobia; a self-explanatory bigotry that has come about because of the terrorist attacks of recent years. It is easy for those inclined to prey on people’s natural fears after the very real dangers brought about by a limited number of attackers. When nations and individuals have suffered on the scale that some have, it is easy to become wary and apprehensive of a culture that is seen to be responsible.

These attitudes need to be examined, though, and kept in perspective; it is only a small group of fundamentalists that are responsible, and a knock on effect is of a society that has its humanity stripped away and a media that thinks it is acceptable to encourage racial disharmony, or worse, by publishing subliminal messages about the growth of immigration in an attempt to create barriers and suspicion between different groups, rather than working towards a better understanding.

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