Do You Think Barbie And Toy Dolls Have Become A Bad Influence On Children?


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I think these are just reflective of a self centered society in general. Television is the driving force along with high pressure advertising where kids feel cheated if they don't have one. The parents ultimately have the control over what examples they set their children. So to a child, if barbie dresses like that and mummy and daddy buy it for me, then that must be ok. The disturbing thing is that some parents wouldn't be bothered. I have heard women arguing with their daughters about wearing skirts too short while they themselves are dressed that way. They will say your too young. To a child that means it will be ok when I am older. My wife talked about about a 14 year old girl wearing a very short dress in a derogatory way. She actually said look at her, shes asking for trouble. This led to a debate between us about rape. She argued that a girl should be able to dress as she wishes and that can in no way be held accountable for a sex attack on her. I reminded her what she had said about the girl with the short dress and the debate came to an abrupt halt. So, at risk of being lambasted by the female blurters, I think that parents ,especially the mothers, need to sort out their own minds before passing it on to their kids. If its wrong then you shouldn't buy them these dolls and stick to your guns. But ,if you think its harmless fun, then consider this when your daughter is dressing in the same way.  You wont have a leg to stand on. :)
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Yep they are sending the wrong message to the kids...but one can't seem to do more than control what is in their own home. If it is to revealing don't buy it and explain why because they need to know it is unacceptable to dress that way. I know people who won't buy them at all and I can understand why, and maybe more should do that so that barbie and bratz gets the hint.
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When I was younger, I didn't like the idea of Barbie very much.  I would go to my friend's house, and while more of our friends were all there, we'd play in their Barbie house, but the game wasn't Barbie.  It was more of one of those house, or room mate games, just because we didn't have enough room to play it ourselves, and the Barbies had a "better house."  Barbie needs some better clothes, and I saw a very sad documentary on girls getting plastic surgery, and one girl said she was going for the "Barbie" look: Tall, anorexic (she did say thin), and with boobs larger than her head.  In fact, my other friends and I found out that you can't make a Barbie doll kiss a Ken doll, since her 'boobs' get in the way.  
Baby dolls are probably not as bad as Barbie dolls, but when I was younger, my friends and I would always play games where we would have a baby, and what would be better to use than their baby dolls and all their accessories for it?  That one, I will admit.  I don't think Barbie dolls, and some baby dolls, are good for children at all.  What was Mattel thinking, when they decided that the idol of every girl should either be a stripper or Hannah Montana?

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