How Can I Get Discount Movie Tickets For Harkins And Amc Theaters?


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You can get discounted cinema tickets in various ways, the ASU Bookstore at the West Campus can help you save money if you are going to a Harkins theatre while the Bookstore has passes on sale for $6.50.

With an AAA membership you can also get discount on Harkins movie tickets. The Harkins website offers the chance to sign up for discount tickets with the Classic VIP ticket promising to be perfect for any employee incentives. You can buy other discount tickets from the website including a popcorn and drink voucher card. Discount combo vouchers are also sold to the ultimate moviegoer; they can be redeemed at any Harkins theatre for a kid’s combo.

AMC movie ticket products are accepted nationwide and pre paid tickets offer savings of up to 30per cent and the tickets never expire. One AMC deal for a two year movie club membership discount price is $20 for a membership that usually costs just under $50. You can get movie deals for AMC and other theatres on Fandango where you can also purchase tickets in advance to skip the queues.

The best thing to do is to look up all the available deals online before you purchase your ticket, but if you are a regular cinema-goer than you could benefit from getting a yearly movie club membership.

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