Have Frank Steijns And Sanne Mestrom ( Members Of The Andre Rieu Orchestra ) Gotten Married?


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From what has been suggested, there does not appear to be indication that Frank Steijns and Sanne Mestrom have or have not gotten married. However - they are in a relationship with each other and are reported to be very happy.

Frank Steijns is one of the violin players in the Andre Rieu Orchestra. He shoulders a considerable amount of responsibility as one of the first violin players; meaning he and the other first violin players cover a considerable amount of the main melody.

Although he plays violin in the orchestra, it is reported that Steijns can play a variety of other instruments including guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin and Carillon bells.

  • Who is Stejins?

Steijns is said to be one of Andre Rieu's closest assistants when Rieu is writing music for his orchestra to perform as well as performing piano pieces for the singers during their rehearsals. Steijn is also a keen photographer in his spare time.

  • Who is Mestrom?

Sanne Mestrom is the saxophone and bassoon player for the Andre Rieu Orchestra. She lived the early stages of her life in the small village of Limburg in Brachterbeek where she began learning how to play both the saxophone and the piano from the age of five.

Her school in Limburg had one of the most well renowned brass bands in the country. So much so that the brass band at her childhood school had won the coveted Word Champion award at the World Music Contest three times.

Mestrom then went on to study both piano and saxophone at the Masstricht Conservatory; otherwise known as the Masstricht Academy of Music. From there she became a member of the Andre Rieu Orchestra where herself and Steijns would later meet and start a relationship together.

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